I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk a lot for the last couple of weeks. I usually don’t give much thought to the flowers and things in town, but this time I want to get the golden watering can so I’ve been planting a lot of flowers and trees. So, I started the game up yesterday and was very surprised to see that I now have my very own orange roses. It turns out that if you plant flowers of the same variety next to each other they can produce new flowers, and sometimes hybrids. See?

Orange Roses
Orange Roses

Orange flowers! I’m going to go back and move flowers around to try and get more pretty colours. By default you get white, yellow, and red.

I Have Skillz

I got a little over-enthusiastic sharpening one of the kitchen knives this morning. Using the steel is fun, so this particular knife ended up way sharper than was needed, considering I was only chopping some vegetables. While attempting to cut up some broccoli florets for my mac & cheese, the knife slipped ever so slightly and nicked the side of my index finger. If it were a dull knife it probably would have just slid right off, but instead I got a nice slice similar to a deep paper cut. The funny part about it is when I was slicing a tomato at dinnertime it happened again, but this time I caught the tip of my thumb. Again, it was just the slightest movement, but did more damage than it otherwise would have were the knife dull. *sigh* Yet another example of how clumsy I can be.

Staying Power

A wrote the last post about my hair because I had spent the previous few weeks contemplating combing it out. Part of me thought if I said something that it would tip the scales in favour of keeping them. Alas, my ploy did not work. I spent March 26th to 31st combing out all 44 dreads. I’m a little sad about it, but it did seem like the time for them to go. The plan is to wait 4 or 5 years and redo them, now that I know a lot more about taking care of dreads and how my hair reacts to them. I will be keeping them for at least a year next time, if not longer.

Now I'm Here

I have given up hope of finding a “real” library job in the area anytime soon given the current state of the economy. Though I will keep trying, I am going to move in a new direction for the time being and focus more on my crafts and the Bookbinding I home study course that I am doing.

With all the supplies hanging around and all the time I have to entertain myself, I shall fill the hours with spinning and dyeing yarn and fibre, creating knitting and cross-stitch patterns and working on related projects. I have been doing this to some extent but it has been a halfhearted effort and not as productive an endeavour as it could be.

I have finished watching the bookbinding lessons. All that is left is going over the textbook and finding a pair of good-quality dividers (which are proving much harder to locate than I thought) and I can start practicing with that as well.