I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk a lot for the last couple of weeks. I usually don’t give much thought to the flowers and things in town, but this time I want to get the golden watering can so I’ve been planting a lot of flowers and trees. So, I started the game up yesterday and was very surprised to see that I now have my very own orange roses. It turns out that if you plant flowers of the same variety next to each other they can produce new flowers, and sometimes hybrids. See?

Orange Roses
Orange Roses

Orange flowers! I’m going to go back and move flowers around to try and get more pretty colours. By default you get white, yellow, and red.

4 thoughts on “Hybrids!

  1. Pretty! I’ve been planting flowers but not really paying attention if there are any hybrids. I should check on that 😛

    Also I got cherries! I planted it to make a tree and in the next few days I should have a tree and then you can have one!

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