Shock to the System

It’s been a long and hard week. I’m still not sure what I think about it. My mom called me on Sunday to tell me that my uncle died, and I really wanted to go home to be with everyone but I had my accounting midterm Monday night and at that short notice I was not willing to try to get it deferred. I spent all day Monday drowning in books and registration issues, and stayed really busy Tuesday and Wednesday so I wouldn’t have to think about it.

Yesterday my mom called to tell me about the funeral, which went really well. Most of my family showed up and there were very few arguments. My cousins brought their babies and they helped to keep everyone from getting too depressed. Most everyone is still in shock though. I know I still am.


TurtleI got bored with midterm studying and started surfing cross-stitch sites, and came across some neat patterns on Stitching the Night Away. This one caught my attention because of its aboriginal style and turtle motif.

My brother loves turtles, so I think this is going to turn into a gift for him. I’m not sure how to finish it though. This was my first attempt using waste canvas. It seems to have turned out well, though removing the threads was a bit tedious. I’m glad I tried it with a small design and not something larger.

PT Update

It’s coming along good. I have all the leaves done in the section I’m working on. I’m starting the pears this morning, and should have those done shortly. After that I need to do the filler-colours between the leaves. Once that is done I shall take the promised progress pic for you all.

Edit: The promised update.

Peacock Tapestry Update

A Different Kind of Test

Well I had my road test today, which I failed as expected. It went better than I thought it would overall though. I learned one valuable thing: I don’t know how to park. Other than that most everything was fine. So really I just need to practice that stuff, and make it more obvious that I’m looking around everywhere. At the current point in time, I’ve got two options available: I can take another road test or I can take the written test again and start over. I’m not quite sure which option to take. I’m planning on taking driver’s education this summer, so if I do start over I would be able to get the G2 in eight months instead of waiting a whole year and could work on highway driving and stuff then. I think if I tried to pass again before the end of the month it wouldn’t help much. If I do pass I still can’t drive very well, so I’d still be practicing the basics. Unless some major improvement happens in the next couple weeks, that is. Which I can’t really see happening. It’s been five years and the sporadic practice hasn’t helped. Cramming in practice shouldn’t help much either. I’m just going to need to take the time to learn things right. I guess this means I’m starting over.