My First Pair of Socks

Wow. I am both proud and saddened by these socks. They function as socks, which is great. But there are ladders and slipped stitches and other mistakes all over them. I even somehow misaligned the gusset. Thank god it didn’t hurt anything.

All in all, they are great, for the simple fact that they are warm, beautifully tacky, and they got me hooked onto the wonderful world of sockknitting.

I find it pretty amusing that the first time I saw yarn specifically for socks (in December) I bought tons of it and just jumped right in. My mom taught me to knit when I was little…I’m not even sure how old I was, so I was probably under five years old. She’s not all that capable of reading a pattern, or just doing something out of the blue like that, so I really was on my own. But it looks like they turned out fine.

I mean, I used dpns, they were smaller than any other knitting needles I had yet used, and that was a lot of knitting to do in a week. At least, the first sock took a week, the second took me a couple of sporadic knitting around classes and such.

I’ve done another pair since these, but my mom has magicked them away and so I have no pictures to show you. But the good news was I did those with a generic formula. I can make socks with any size needles and any yarn now, as long as I like the gauge. Pretty cool.

I’m off to finish the heel on my third pair.

A New Obsession

I have found something new to occupy my every spare thought: SOCKS!

I never really cared for knitting until I went home for a week and pretty much had nothing else to do. Then while wandering around with my mom on one of her frequent shopping trips, I discovered bright red sock yarn complete with pattern.

The obsession began.