This semester is a very different animal from the last one. Since term started I’ve felt like all I do is rush to catch up. It’s been impossible to get ahead at all. There are reasons for that. One is that this semester has been shortened by a month compared to the rest of the school, because the national insurance exams are at the beginning of April and not the end of the month. The other is because I went from taking one insurance course to talking three at the same time.

The way the insurance classes work, you read a chapter and then learn about it in class. But in that same class you have an assignment and a difficult multiple-choice quiz due on the chapter covered in the previous class. I have insurance class 4 times a week which means 4 tests every week, minimum. I have three other classes still and they have stuff due as well.

I’m really feeling the burn this week since all three of my other classes have assignments due and two of those have tests as well. Brain overload. I feel like no matter how much studying or homework I do I am inadequately prepared for all of it. I don’t have time to devote the same level of detail as I normally would to all this stuff.

It’s alive

So, I basically quit using this thing. I spent so much time while I was unemployed worrying that I would say something to offend a potential hiring manager that may stumble across my blog that I stopped writing anything at all. That’s not very useful for anyone, least of all myself.

This place is in need of a redesign but I’m back in school and have no time to do anything about that until the summer. Expect a new look before September and some more posts from me.