No Worries

I got my invoice in the mail yesterday. This is usually a pretty worrisome happenstance for me, since I never have money and have to wait to get my OSAP in January in order to get the Business Office off my back.

This year, however, is different.

I’ve been hoarding money like crazy since last January, hoping one of these days to have enough to handle paying the school for something on time for once. I paid them as soon as I got the bill, and I still have money left to continue hoarding for next year’s new computer purchase. Yay!

Of course, it’s just more of a reminder of how broke I really am. All my money is not mine at all, but a government loaner which they are going to want back with a vengeance. Let’s just hope all this school pays off and I can get rid of the debt in pretty short order. One can always hope.

P.S. New computer next year! Whoohoo!

P.P.S. I really need to make a new theme for this site. Suggestions?

Hide From The Monster

The “knit monster” as I like to call it, is attempting to escape in full force. People keep sending me links to sales for sock yarn, or free shipping on sites if you order more than $25. For those of you that don’t know, $25 is roughly the equivalent of yarn for two pairs of socks. So, very easy to do. Buying yarn online is much cheaper, but I have yet to do it. I’ve been resisting. But the deals lately are getting really really good. I assume it’s in anticipation of Christmas, since the retailers know all us crafty people are raring to make some cool stuff.

I didn’t have this problem last year because I didn’t start knitting again until just after Christmas, and I was at home with no internet access and no knowledge of the outside world. Now though, it’s a completely different story. There’s some really nice yarn out there for some really great prices, and it’s getting really hard not to crack and buy a ton of it. I bought some Regia from Cloth & Clay last week, thinking that would help and it has, somewhat. The problem is I am diligently trying to avoid the huge stash that most people seem to accumulate, and if I start buying yarn before finishing what I’ve got that is bound to happen.

Besides my crazy compulsion to be a fibre consumer-whore, the Regia socks with magic loop are coming along really nicely. This colourway is really bright, and it should definitely make for some interesting conversation once they’re done. I must admit I’m in love with almost all of the Canadian colourways. They aren’t as somber as most self-patterning sock yarns. I want to try at least five of the others to see how they knit up.

Wow, reading this over it sounds like I should attempt a Christmas list for once in my life. Send me some sock-knitting love.