Why has the postman forsaken me?

I don’t know what is wrong with the mail system here lately but I’m starting to get pissed off. There are things that I know were mailed almost a month ago that I haven’t gotten yet, and some stuff mailed from local people (Guelph and Kitchener) that I still haven’t gotten and that’s been over a week. In total, I’m waiting for nine different things and so far only one of them has come, that one mailed from Texas. Why are the things that normally take longer showing up and everything else being stuck in mail-limbo?

I want my mail damnit!

EDIT: It turns out that the two things that were really late ended up in the super’s office. Since he’s been on vacation (and he’s not here that much in the summer anyway) I couldn’t get any information from him until today. So the mail was okay, I just didn’t have access to it.

A Brief Respite

School is done for the summer and I’m really glad. I’ve got two of my marks back already, one of which I’m kinda disappointed with. The religion class was an A as expected, so nothing to worry about there. Now I’m just waiting on accounting. That could go either way. Yes, I used to have everything memorized and could crank out journal entries and financial statements like nobody’s business, but it’s been three years and I did not put nearly enough work into it this summer. Ah well, it’s done.

I need to be working on my grad application this month, because I want to have it sent out before class starts. It’s freaking me out big-time. I have no clue what to put into a statement of intent. I’ve got lots of advice for what NOT to put in, but that’s not very helpful. Methinks it’s time to start making appointments with the advisors and getting some good advice for a change. I need to get transcripts from the registrar’s office this week, and see if the people that have offered letters of recommendation still want to give them to me. Lots to do.

My computer got sent in again so they could replace the touchpad. I’m glad it wasn’t the motherboard for a change, but I’m also a little paranoid since the warranty runs out on Tuesday and if it comes back with anything broke I’m stuck with it. Something encouraging: One more month until I get the new laptop!

I’m spending today sitting around the house playing with the cat and working on cross-stitch. It seems lazy considering I have important school stuff to do, but I can’t do any of that until Monday anyway so I may as well enjoy one non-school weekend this year.

I know a secret and its really cool. I’d tell but there is a slim chance that my sister will read this and tell my mom and spoil it. So it has to wait until the word is out.

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’m off to find the Futurama DVDs so I have something to watch while working on the Peacock.