I made myself a clone of a keychain that I made when I was about 13 or so. It’s an adaptation of a bracelet pattern using brown, gold, pink, and pale peach. I’m surprised at how well that colour combination works. I found the scrap remains of the original keychain, got all nostalgic and such and made another one.

They don’t take very long to make – only about an hour, maybe less. I was reading my textbook at the time and wasn’t really paying too much attention to the time.

It feels good to be making things with the embroidery floss again. Things other than cross-stitch or embroidery, that is.

Bed Socks

I finally got to finish and give away the bright pink socks that Lisa wanted. They were a little big, but that was fixed and now they should fit just fine. They really are just sooo pink. They were fluorescing like crazy when she left with them. I don’t think I have a picture, unless there is one on the camera that I missed, but Lisa will have some soon and I can try to get a digital version.

I’m making myself some bed socks too, though they aren’t anywhere near as thick as the pink ones. I’m using Regia for once. REAL sock yarn. One sock is finished, and is a little loose, but I like that idea since I am planning on wearing them to bed and I’d rather not have my feet being ‘strangled’ as it were.