Got an ereader already

After doing all my research and deciding to get a Nook Simple Touch, I had assumed that it would be several months before getting one since I wanted to go to a store and handle one in person and that wouldn’t be happening until the next time I was in Detroit. But over the last week it’s become apparent that it would be better to get a device with more Canadian support.

Sarah let me play with her Kobo on the weekend and it was a very nice machine. So, today we went to Chapters and picked up a couple of Kobo Touch ereaders: one for me and Dean to share, and one for my mother-in-law. It’ll work out better if we both have the same one, since I can show her how to do things with mine and she can follow along with hers. Let me just say that I am thrilled that I don’t have to read books on my phone anymore!

I’ve spent the last few days combing the internet for all of the Portuguese romance novels I could find that I thought Mãe would like. Mostly Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel, since that’s what she usually gets from Portugal. We’ll have a chat about that since there’s got to be other authors she’d like.

Tomorrow is going to be really interesting, since I’m not sure what she’s going to think about the whole thing. Aside from the hurdle of learning to use a new piece of technology, going from a dozen or so books to choose from to over 200 might be a problem. But since I don’t know if she’s read books other than those in the house, I grabbed it all so she can pick and choose which ones to keep.

I am tired and it is glorious!

Thanks to no longer being on combination birth control pills, I’ve spent the last 3 weeks with unceasing insomnia because the lack of estrogen caused withdrawal symptoms. Yesterday I got tired around 11pm and even though I stayed up until 1am researching ultrabooks I slept for 6 straight hours and it was amazing. I was so productive today simply because I had the energy to get up and do things. I ran a lot of errands during the day and then spent the evening cleaning out and organizing the craft/computer/tv room.

The best part is I am tired again. Two days in a row! I am cherishing this feeling, since it’s been so scarce of late.

And now, to bed!