Let's talk about…quirks

Since I’ve just finished eating a grapefruit and Brent talked earlier about some quirks of his, I thought I’d share as well.

It takes me 20 minutes to eat a grapefruit.

I eat grapefruit often. They are very delicious and I love to eat them plain. But when I say plain, I mean plain. I don’t eat anything but the pulp. I peel it like most people do oranges. Then I meticulously peel off any remaining rind. I’m left with the segments, but I don’t eat these at this point either. I separate each one and peel off the membrane, careful not to burst any of the pulp inside. Once I get that all off, I eat the pulp.

I also eat lemons and limes this way, though I don’t get these as often. Today I also learned that my guinea pig, Gingie, loves grapefruit too.

Brent may have started something here that he didn’t intend to. 😉