Portugal tomorrow!

So I’m packing my suitcase now and making sure that I have everything. I’m not sure what time we leave tomorrow, but we’re going to the Mandarin in the morning since we leave early enough that there was no point going to work (Dean) or volunteering (me). We’ll be gone until August 13th and will most likely not have internet, though if I get to use a computer I’ll let you all know how we’re doing.

See you all next month!


I’ve mostly made it through another bout of ear infections. My left ear is stubborn and not willing to give it up just yet, but I’ve got drops that should take care of it before we leave for Portugal. My foot is still hurting from when I fell down the stairs before Convocation, so I’ve got to make an appointment to get that looked at. I’ve got one doctor at school that has checked both of these things in the last month, but he’s been wrong diagnosing things many times before so I don’t trust him. I’m going to make sure I get the appointment with someone else and get a second opinion, since it’s been over a month with the foot and the first guy just keeps saying to let it be and it will heal.