So This Is What Growing Up Feels Like

I’m doing all kinds of responsible things today. Like working on my grad school application some more, getting information on which transcripts are required, and….


I knew the deadline was in February. What I didn’t know was that the applications were already online. I discovered that bit of fun while looking up whether I could get transcripts now or if I had to wait until my marks were in from this term.

I also went through and calculated my mark over the last 14 completed courses, since they use the percentage from the last 20 but I’m doing six of them this year. Even with my bad experiences in business classes I’m doing okay.

It’s a 76% despite a D+ and a couple of Cs in there. Considering I’ve got 90s in everything this term (God alone knows how) I might actually get the marks up enough to get scholarships. That I never expected.

Highschool spoiled me and got me used to having As all the time. I never thought that bad marks could be in there and I could still get money for doing well.

I’m getting pretty excited about this term now. I hope it keeps on as it has been.

A Typical Phone Call

My parents called me today, bored as usual. Their phone calls usually last for 90 minutes or more, and this was no exception. My mom lost her invitation to her brother’s wedding and made me read mine out to her so she’d know when and where it was. Sheesh.

Then she put my sister on. That was weird. My sister had a joke:

This guy in a wheelchair has cold feet so her asks his friend to go upstairs and get his slippers for him. The friend goes up there and tells the guys wife that he was told to sleep with her. She says he’s a liar and the friend says he was told to sleep with both her and the daughter. He yells downstairs, “Both of them?” and the guy says, “What’s the point of fucking one of them?!”

My response to that mess was a big, huge, “What?!”

She gave the phone back to my mom, who said she had to go to work and gave the phone to my dad.

He talked about the boats and cars as usual. They bought a winch and rigged it so they can use it to put the pontoons on the boat up and down. It’s been tested in the yard and works great, but so has all the “inventions” before this and they didn’t stand up so hot to real-world conditions. With any luck, this one will work and we won’t have to manually crank those things.

The crankshaft on my sister’s car broke while she was at McDonalds in the Drive-Thru. She was right in front of the box so they had her calling in all the other people’s orders until a tow truck could get her out of there. When one finally did come for some reason they only moved her car out of the way and she had to call another one to bring the car home.

My uncle is still pretending to hunt for a job and spending all his unemployment on booze. He’s still using the excuse that he goes to the Legion for the wings, but none of us are stupid enough to fall for that crap.

My other uncle and aunt (siblings, not married) have moved about a block away from him so he’s got lots of drinking buddies now. Oh joy. It’s their stupid encouragement and dependence on him that has him in this situation in the first place.

The man has made $18 an hour for 20 years and is completely broke because his siblings mooch so much off him. It’s sad that he’s ended up an alcoholic to deal. You think he’d know better after their childhood. Oh well. I can’t let that bother me anymore. It’s his own fault for so many reasons and it won’t change until he helps himself.

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omg new computer!

I love this computer so much! It’s the awesomest thing in the world. 🙂

I’m just so impressed at the attention to detail in putting these together. Everything works so well, it’s everything I was told it would be.

I’ll take some pictures when I find the camera, and edit this post to put them in.

Again, SO impressed. It was definitely worth waiting for after all the aggravation the other one put me through.