So This Is What Growing Up Feels Like

I’m doing all kinds of responsible things today. Like working on my grad school application some more, getting information on which transcripts are required, and….


I knew the deadline was in February. What I didn’t know was that the applications were already online. I discovered that bit of fun while looking up whether I could get transcripts now or if I had to wait until my marks were in from this term.

I also went through and calculated my mark over the last 14 completed courses, since they use the percentage from the last 20 but I’m doing six of them this year. Even with my bad experiences in business classes I’m doing okay.

It’s a 76% despite a D+ and a couple of Cs in there. Considering I’ve got 90s in everything this term (God alone knows how) I might actually get the marks up enough to get scholarships. That I never expected.

Highschool spoiled me and got me used to having As all the time. I never thought that bad marks could be in there and I could still get money for doing well.

I’m getting pretty excited about this term now. I hope it keeps on as it has been.