The Real Spring Break

I’ve got the rest of the month off from school (bliss!) so I’m using it to catch up on any and all crafty things I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had time for. Sort of. As my crafty readers can tell you, when we go somewhere we bring plenty of projects and plenty of materials to start new projects because you never know when you will run out of something to do (which reminds me: when I get a car – must keep yarn and needles in trunk).

Unfortunately, I forgot to take into account what happens to my gauge when I am no longer stressed to the roof. So my weaving tension is all off, my Vintage socks are huge, and I stupidly thought that not bringing all my supplies when leaving home for 3 weeks would be a good idea.

I do still have my spindle with the yummy green silk/merino that I can work on, and the Peacock Tapestry (which is no longer grounded since I’m in the mood to put up with its tantrums this month). I’ve got plenty to do.

What is bothering me is that I can’t finish half the stuff I brought to work on since this time I listened to reason and didn’t bring my UFO bag, all my needles, and a bunch of spares “just in case”. Now it’s the case that I need them and they aren’t here.

I was having all kinds of these thoughts when packing on Thursday since my pills and my coat are safe in my locker at school, and not here where I need them.

Still, there is a silver lining. My birthday is coming up and we’ll be driving down to my grandma’s house for the weekend for that (my first birthday party in 18 years and I’m so excited). It will mean a bit of a detour off the highway, but London is roughly halfway between here and there so I can grab stuff from my apartment and my locker without too much fuss.

Now the next time I go somewhere and get asked why I need to bring so much, I’ll have this meandering story to tell by way of explanation.