Scary Thursday

In general I had a pretty good day. Thursday is Auto Insurance followed by Property Insurance, and I know I’m in the right program when that amounts to an exciting day. I got my mark back for my Auto midterm (93%, yay!) and property class was fun because we started talking about commercial policies and how they differ from the basic fire policy.

I was in a pretty good mood when it was time to go home, until I realized I couldn’t find my bus pass. It’s a little difficult to get home without that, especially since I’m in the habit of leaving my wallet at home and so had no change to get home.

I retraced my steps, checked the classroom, checked my locker, asked my classmates on Facebook if anyone had seen it. The prof saw me checking the classroom and offered to walk with me to security, and when they didn’t have it offered to drive me to the bus terminal on her way home in case someone turned it in there. Plus that way I could find out what it would take to replace it.

The news wasn’t good. I’d have to buy a new student card from the school and buy a new bus pass entirely, though if I called a specific staff member I could get it pro-rated for the remainder of the semester. Even when I said I’d kept my receipt and could prove I had already purchased the pass, I was told the same thing. So I’d be looking at paying $125 for the card and the sticker. Ouch.

Then when I got home I had to cancel my credit card (and Dean’s) because I’d left it in the holder with my bus pass. I made sure no one else had used it and they canceled it on the spot.

Friday morning I showed up at school a half hour early so I could go over everywhere I’d been again and everything I’d done to try and track the card down.

Again I retraced my steps and checked the classroom and my locker and by then I was pretty desperate. I started wondering if my card had fallen out of my locker and into the one below, and looking for crevices that it could have fallen into. This turned out to be the winning idea because I found my lost bus pass!

It turns it in the front left-hand corner if those lockers there is a gap that isn’t visible when the door is open and the card got wedged in there somehow. I’m sure if there was anyone watching I looked like such a weirdo, feeling around in my empty locker with my eyes closed for cracks.

But I found my bus pass so it was worth it!

Now I need to come up with a better way of keeping track of that thing because it’s too costly to chance it getting lost. I think I’m going to do what I did at Laurier and put it on a lanyard. If it’s attached to me it can’t get lost.

I learned something this week

The reason I have to spend so much time studying instead of sleeping is I actually do all the readings for the non-insurance classes. It turns out no one else does those.

For the last week I tried an experiment and stopped reading all that stuff. I just read for the three insurance courses. It’s a lot more manageable that way and I have more time to devote to learning the insurance material.

The funny thing is I don’t feel behind at all from not doing those readings. They seem to have little bearing on those classes. I’ll have tests I’ll need to read the text for, but I’d read it again when studying for tests if I had read it before anyway.

Basically, it seems I’m going to get a lot more sleep and have a much better handle on this semester from here on out.

I am falling apart

I found a huge bruise on my right calf a few days ago with no idea of how I got it. My right knee hurts and has a bruise on the kneecap. Last night my back started hurting on my lower-right side and this morning it hurt do much more that it woke me up.

Whatever I’m doing, it’s obvious that my right side is not happy right now. My knee and my back and having synchronized waves of pain and it sucks. I need to find my microwaveable bean bag thing and hope that helps.


Today I had a very important insurance midterm and so I’ve had even more trouble than normal sleeping and keeping to any sort of normal patterns. I was stressing so much that I’d go to bed at 12:30am or 1am and wake up around 5am unable to sleep any more so I’d just study. I studied from 7:30am to 1pm today before the test, then after it was over we had a lesson until 3:30pm.

I got home around 5pm and was very burned out so I’ve done shit all since then. I had some ice cream and watched Gilmore Girls, had red curry chicken, watched some TV with Dean and got some knitting done on something that want the sock that lives in my backpack. Oh, and I packed a lunch today which was awesome since I hate giving the Tims at school my money.

Sleep time now because I’m exhausted and going to crash any second.