I am falling apart

I found a huge bruise on my right calf a few days ago with no idea of how I got it. My right knee hurts and has a bruise on the kneecap. Last night my back started hurting on my lower-right side and this morning it hurt do much more that it woke me up.

Whatever I’m doing, it’s obvious that my right side is not happy right now. My knee and my back and having synchronized waves of pain and it sucks. I need to find my microwaveable bean bag thing and hope that helps.

2 thoughts on “I am falling apart

    1. I found the beanbag thing and that’s helping some. Dean’s mom pointed out that it could be because I switched from wearing the barefoot boots to my old ones with the orthotics inside. With the amount of snow hanging around I was getting tired of having wet feet.

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