Waiting sucks

It is possible to go nuts from waiting for something for too long? I haven’t gotten anything useful done all day. I’ve been checking the tracking on my computer non-stop, and its been in some sorting facility in Mississauga since Saturday. *grumble*

The estimated shipping time is tomorrow by 6pm, but most people said that FedEx usually ships a day earlier than they estimate. Not in this case. I’m really hoping it comes early tomorrow because otherwise I’ll have yet another hugely unproductive day.

I feel like doing my logic assignment, but I’m also having trouble concentrating. Boo. I guess I’ll just plod ahead with it and then check it over a couple times when I get the computer and get it installed.

Cat Hair Yarn

You might remember that in my last post I mentioned making my sister some yarn out of the cat hair she’d collected from brushing her cats. I thought we didn’t have any pictures of it, but when Dean started showing me the pictures taken last weekend there were quite a few that he’d taken of it. These are the two that I liked.
Cat Yarn
Cat Yarn Two

Most of this came from the same cat, though with 5 of them and a dog around I’m sure there are bits of all of them in it.

The star of today’s post: ROSS (and Stephanie’s legs)


First Attempts

I’ve been eager to learn to spin for a while now, but I didn’t know where to start. One day I got bored and starting looking for information on the internet, which lead to my buying a spindle and a bunch of roving to try. Unfortunately, it was taking a long time to arrive in the mail (and we know how impatient I get with the mail) so in a fit of desperation I made this:

MacGuyver Spindle

My roving arrived that same day, so I decided to see if I could get the hang of spinning from the pictures and such that I’d seen. It was easy! My first single came out surprisingly thin, if a bit underspun in a few places.

First Single

Unfortunately, there was no way to wind on in order to spin some more, so I contented myself with the knowledge that I could do this and decided to wait another week for the spindle I ordered.

It finally arrived, and I went straight to work on my first yarn. The first skein is the sky blue that I ordered with the spindle, plied with some of the superwash merino that I had already received. I find the blue is harder to spin evenly, though the superwash is a dream to work with. That is why this skein is more even than the other even though I spun it first. The second skein is more of the blue, plied back onto itself.

First Yarn

I’m still practicing with the blue one, since the other I’d like to be able to spin consistently enough to make yarn for socks with. This is what I currently have:

Current Progress