For Sra

Filed under: Just For Fun — by heavenlyevil @ 8:04 pm on October 3, 2006

Crazy Fuck Bugs

3 Responses to “For Sra”

  1. sra says:

    HA! Luckily my kitty’s a freaky ninja~!

  2. Heavenly Evil says:

    Yeah, you’re lucky. Kitty just ignores bugs too. He’ll watch them crawl a bit, but as soon as they stop moving he completely forgets about them. Stupid cat.

    When I read that thread I totally thought about those bugs that keep getting in your place. Ick.

  3. sra says:

    This new place has no icky buggies. They came through and did the spray thing (something the last place would have never NEVER done). It’s a lot nicer. If you and Dean ever come to TO, you should visit! I will cook for you.