Scarlet Fever!

I’ve finally finished Dean’s red socks. All in all, I think they turned out rather well, though I must admit I am eager to try making some socks using intarsia or something to vamp them up a little.

These socks were quite fun to make. I used a short-row toe for a change on these ones, since they seem to wear better and be more comfortable. I was hesitant to try a short-row heel though, since I’m not sure how well fingering-weight yarn would wear if I do it that way. That experiment shall be done on socks that aren’t a gift for someone else.

Also, I finished the second pair of cotton socks for my mother. It felt really strange to go from fingering-weight yarn to worsted, but the socks turned out really well. I’m going to mail them out as soon as the holiday is over, so my mom can give the lavender pair a break for a change.

Pictures shall come later tonight once I find the camera.

Peacock Tapestry/Embroidery

I’m finally getting some real progress done on my cross-stitch. In the last couple days I’ve done most of the burgundy in the border, and when I get that done will be back to working on the main part. I’m not sure where I’m going to start with that, but I’m going to do one area at a time instead of doing one entire colour all over the piece. Doing that takes too long and makes it more likely I’ll make mistakes.

My next plan is to embroider the leaf motif of my sheets onto my duvet cover, possibly onto the blue pillowcases too, since that would tie everything together quite nicely and be a small project which won’t take too much time.

I’ve knitted the back pocket for the iPod cozy, but I have yet to attempt putting it all together. That should be done soon too, with pictures.

The Wonderful iPod Cozy

I caved in to the current fad and knitted Dean an iPod cozy. It took a bit of searching, but I finally found a red button that was the perfect size to close it.

It’s a work-in-progress. I’m probably going to knit a small pouch on the back for the ear buds. Since I didn’t think ahead enough to remember to slip a stitch on the top for them to be plugged in while it’s in the case, I guess that a pouch on the back will have to do.

This was my first time making something off the top of my head. I even took apart an old shirt that was hanging around to get some burgundy cloth to line it with. That was interesting in itself. Sewing cloth to knitted fabric is fun. I just hope that it holds.

Has anyone else tried making one of these yet?