I finally caved

My friends are always saying they’re amazed I don’t buy up every new piece of tech at the first opportunity. I try to explain: there’s no point buying it if I’m not going to use it enough to justify the cost. It’s enough for me to know what it is and how it works. I’ve been refusing a smartphone for years on those grounds, and yet I ended up with one anyway.

In December me and Dean (mostly Dean) were researching BlackBerry phones and plans since his sister wanted to pay less for the phones her family had and maybe get new ones. It turned out there were some really nice deals around for Christmas, so we started debating the possibility of getting one for ourselves. Really, it came down to how much we’d use BBM, since that was the only thing that our friends used that our old phones couldn’t do.

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This is why I hate rain

Especially when it’s windy.

In the 15 minutes I was outside waiting for the bus, my pants, socks, and shoes got completely drenched. The rest of me wasn’t much drier, but was slightly protected thanks to my umbrella.

The entire time I was thinking if genies existed, I’d wish for dry clothes, some Wellington boots, and a proper raincoat.

Goodbye, my friend

Gingie the guinea pig

He seemed to have a happy life; got plenty of attention and time to roam outside (and carrots, yummy, delicious carrots). He died doing one of his favourite things: sleeping outside in the shade of the plum tree.

I’m going to miss your quirks little guy, and your funny faces. Rest in peace.

Father’s Day

My sister was supposed to come up here a couple of weekends ago so we could have some hang out time. That didn’t work out, so instead I went down there last weekend and us kids took my dad to a demolition derby in Leamington. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I saw him that happy. He looked like a kid again. It was totally worth it. Plus afterwards we got him some chicken wings (his favourite) and had some time to just be together. Not the most eventful weekend, but definitely a good one.

No pictures because we were too mesmerized by the car-smashing to take any.

Back to Life

Or at least, life as it’s been for me for the last couple of years. I spend my time at home, mostly: applying for jobs; reading books that get me ruminating on one thing or another; reading about computers and design on the internet; dealing with whatever comes through my inbox; knitting, spinning, or embroidering depending on the project. My days are various combinations of all of these activities.

The preceding three months, however, were a deviation from what has come to be my normal routine. I was hired on contract to be an intern in the IT department of the local library. This meant that my job was to support the IT staff and do whatever needed doing, and hopefully learn something along the way. The work ranged from simple software and hardware upgrades all the way up to a major marketing project. I did end up learning some things here and there about computers, but mostly I made new friends and learned a lot more about my library.

Three Annoyed Cats

Now that the weather is warming up, the cats have started going outside again. I am very happy about this because it means they will run around a lot more than they do in the house. We have a fenced-in yard so they can’t run the streets, but they still come in contact with strays and neighbourhood cats, and whatever other animals venture into the yard.

Because of this contact, all three of my cats have been given flea medication today. This makes them not very pleasant to be around, because they are all glaring at me and wanting attention but not wanting my attention because I’m the mean one that put this nasty stuff on them.

The funny thing is, I don’t like flea medications as a rule. They are still a form a pesticide and I don’t trust them. But, I also don’t believe in needless waste and the medication was here from a few summers ago and still good.

I think we’ll all be much happier next year when none of us have to go through this mess.

Meet Gero, Frog Extraordinaire

picture of frog named Gero

She’s an albino African Clawed Frog that I’ve had for several months now. I named her after the Japanese word for “ribbit” after hearing it in a couple of animes. Her favourite food is krill so far, and she seems to grow a lot after having some. Once she’s fully grown she could be as much as 15cm long.

Gardening is work

I’ve been trying to bring in the garden harvest this year so that Dean’s mom won’t have to when she gets back from Portugal. It’s making me really grumpy. Except for the tomatoes (which aren’t ready yet) there’s dill, Portuguese kale, and chard* collard greens in the garden. All of these get made into Green Soup all year long. The dill and kale are small, but there’s lots of it. It takes hours to sort through it all and get all the stems cut off. Then I have to wash everything, chop it up really small (think shredded lettuce) and put it in bags for the freezer. Not particularly hard work, just a lot of it. It feels like there’s a never-ending pile of greens to get through still.

I did find a cute little snail going through all the cut plants. I was taking them out of one sink and putting them in the other to wash. I wasn’t really watching my hands; after all the hours I was on autopilot. So I was a little freaked when I grabbed a plant and felt something slimy. I dropped it, then took a look. I found this guy:


I brought it—kale and all—downstairs where the camera was, but it was awake and searching for an escape at this point. So it fell off its kale branch and onto some paper I had on the floor. Poor thing. That’s twice it was dropped in the space of 5 minutes. It seemed happy enough, crawling around looking for its kale. After it had climbed back on, I carried it outside and put it back in the garden. I may as well let it munch on the stems that I’ve left in there.

*I was having chard for dinner and mixed up what I was cooking with what I was chopping. My bad.

Transportation Woes

This morning I decided to try driving Dean’s car around the residential areas some just to see if I could handle being on the road with the thing. Going without stalling was a breeze. Apparently I’ve got that down. Shifting is okay, but I could be faster which would be smoother on the car. All in all the driving part was fine. A few hiccups getting going on some left turns but I didn’t stall.

I went around the area quite a few times with no problems. I’m sure the mail lady was wondering why the heck I went by her a dozen times on the same road.

The real issue came when I had to get the car back in the garage. I stalled 3 times, only moving a few inches each time, before I could get the car going enough to get in there. It was incredibly frustrating.

Parking it was easy too. I’m straight, and lined up with the other car and there’s room on all sides. So, I think it was a success. I just need more practice and some courage to not be afraid of main roads.

ETA: I tried to take my bike to the mall after, and the brakes are loud and not really working, the thing to switch gears in the front is too low and rubs up against highest setting, and my chain broke after only a couple of minutes. I ended up walking it home and taking the bus.