Now I'm Here

I have given up hope of finding a “real” library job in the area anytime soon given the current state of the economy. Though I will keep trying, I am going to move in a new direction for the time being and focus more on my crafts and the Bookbinding I home study course that I am doing.

With all the supplies hanging around and all the time I have to entertain myself, I shall fill the hours with spinning and dyeing yarn and fibre, creating knitting and cross-stitch patterns and working on related projects. I have been doing this to some extent but it has been a halfhearted effort and not as productive an endeavour as it could be.

I have finished watching the bookbinding lessons. All that is left is going over the textbook and finding a pair of good-quality dividers (which are proving much harder to locate than I thought) and I can start practicing with that as well.