Transportation Woes

This morning I decided to try driving Dean’s car around the residential areas some just to see if I could handle being on the road with the thing. Going without stalling was a breeze. Apparently I’ve got that down. Shifting is okay, but I could be faster which would be smoother on the car. All in all the driving part was fine. A few hiccups getting going on some left turns but I didn’t stall.

I went around the area quite a few times with no problems. I’m sure the mail lady was wondering why the heck I went by her a dozen times on the same road.

The real issue came when I had to get the car back in the garage. I stalled 3 times, only moving a few inches each time, before I could get the car going enough to get in there. It was incredibly frustrating.

Parking it was easy too. I’m straight, and lined up with the other car and there’s room on all sides. So, I think it was a success. I just need more practice and some courage to not be afraid of main roads.

ETA: I tried to take my bike to the mall after, and the brakes are loud and not really working, the thing to switch gears in the front is too low and rubs up against highest setting, and my chain broke after only a couple of minutes. I ended up walking it home and taking the bus.