I Have Skillz

I got a little over-enthusiastic sharpening one of the kitchen knives this morning. Using the steel is fun, so this particular knife ended up way sharper than was needed, considering I was only chopping some vegetables. While attempting to cut up some broccoli florets for my mac & cheese, the knife slipped ever so slightly and nicked the side of my index finger. If it were a dull knife it probably would have just slid right off, but instead I got a nice slice similar to a deep paper cut. The funny part about it is when I was slicing a tomato at dinnertime it happened again, but this time I caught the tip of my thumb. Again, it was just the slightest movement, but did more damage than it otherwise would have were the knife dull. *sigh* Yet another example of how clumsy I can be.

One thought on “I Have Skillz

  1. Sometimes Matt just stares at me, stunned, while I manage to drop/fling knives/cutting boards/heavy metal etcs while cooking and generally don’t hurt myself. I am kind of surprised I still have all my toes and/or fingertips.

    In conclusion, it’s probably for the best that I do not also have a knife sharpener.

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