Le Sigh…And Then Some Hair-Pulling

It’s the home stretch and I’m really feelin’ it now. This last essay is not a difficult one, I’m just having a lot of trouble forcing myself to finish it. I’ve gained a lot of admiration for Aristotle over the course of this term, but I’m sick of writing essays at this point and not really up to giving it my all. I’m burned out. It’s been at least six weeks of non-stop assigments, presentations, tests, essays and now exams. I’m tired. I don’t want to do this anymore. I need some time for myself where I don’t have to worry about dredging up arguments for things that I could care less about.

One thought on “Le Sigh…And Then Some Hair-Pulling

  1. I’m so glad its all almost over. I’m sick of studying!!! Archaeological theory is driving me mad *pulls hair*

    p.s. I like the new background for your banner-thing at the top. Sehr cool. See ya later!

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