Vinyl Kitties Kick Ass!

I got my huge kitty purse from Erin at Anatomy of a Skirt today. It’s amazing and totally is my new favourite thing. I know I sound like a teenage fangirl, but Erin makes really awesome stuff. Take a look, and if you’re admiring any of it I suggest you go for it and buy it. You’ll be glad you did.

I’ve been thinking of getting a laptop backpack for my MacBook Pro when I get it, but this bag is so nice and so functional I’m seriously considering using it with a protective sleeve instead. I brought it with me everywhere today. All my stuff fit: my clipboard, Dean’s laptop, books for class, my current sock project, keys, wallet, phone, pens, pencils, snack. Basically everything that usually involves carrying my huge purse and laptop bag around.

Bow to the awesomeness of Erin’s creations!

P.S. Erin, if you’ve still got the picture of it can I post it up here?

2 thoughts on “Vinyl Kitties Kick Ass!

  1. hey!

    I’m glad you love it so! You can just rip the pic off my website- it’ll get deleted next time I do a site update (probably early next week), so you likely don’t want to hotlink to it!

  2. It’s already gone, so I guess I’ll attempt to take my own pictures, and hope they’re as good as yours.

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