Now We Wait

It’s time to wait for blood test results. I am pretty sure what they will be, to some extent. But they’re still bothering me some. Just in case anything is found that was not expected.

My head feels funny. Not bad, just a little tight. That’s the closest word I can come to describe it. I am getting a bit of a fever and it’s making my face feel very dehydrated and dry. I should drink more. I pee a lot when I do that though. It feels like a whole lot, but really it’s every 3-5 hours which I guess would be normal considering how much water I drink.

The tone of this blog is changing. It’s not so much what I am thinking right now, since I keep commenting on events and things. Which is fine I guess. I just don’t want to revert to describing the events of the day. That’s what the LiveJournal is for. Reflection too, sure. But it is more of a place for people to find out what I get up to, if anything. I do want this space to be more what I am thinking and feeling instead. Just because I tend to ignore that and it’s not healthy.

Writing this stuff out here does help. Even in the last couple days I am more open with others, Dean included, about what’s going on in my head. Probably because I am finally admitting to myself and that’s the first step.

That sounds like an AA thing. Well then, this is my rehab.