IUD Insertion

I wasn’t expecting to have this done until until the end of January, but things happened to work out really well.

My doctor had told me that she does insertions when you are on your period to make it easier and less painful, so I was going to have to wait since I’d just finished one up and they would be closed when I got my next one. It turns out I was wrong about this period being done, since it made a reappearance over the last two days. So I did something rare and followed my instincts and made an appointment yesterday.

I had my insertion done between classes today and I have to say it went extremely well. It was completely painless and quick. To be honest, the speculum going in was the only thing that was uncomfortable and I didn’t take any medication beforehand at all. There’s been no real cramping or anything at all since. There wasn’t any during the insertion itself either. I keep wondering if the thing is even in there. I know it is, but I was expecting to be able to tell somehow.

Granted, I did almost fall asleep on the table waiting for the doctor to come in since I was stressing about school so much last night that I tossed and turned for pretty much the whole thing. So I was rather relaxed at that point. We chatted through the whole procedure and it was a rather pleasant experience – as much as that can be, I guess.

When the doctor said she was done she asked how I was doing and I didn’t even realize it was over that quickly. She actually seemed surprised herself that it went that well and I didn’t feel anything. I got up right away and was able to leave, since I obviously wasn’t dizzy or in pain or anything.

I realize I’m rambling some, but I’m so excited that this went so well and that I finally have my IUD. No more hormones that make me crazy!