Today is full of so much win! Pancakes for breakfast and fried chicken and mashed potatoes for lunch! I am over the moon! Fried chicken day happens so rarely it’s better than birthdays and Christmas.

It’s alive

So, I basically quit using this thing. I spent so much time while I was unemployed worrying that I would say something to offend a potential hiring manager that may stumble across my blog that I stopped writing anything at all. That’s not very useful for anyone, least of all myself.

This place is in need of a redesign but I’m back in school and have no time to do anything about that until the summer. Expect a new look before September and some more posts from me.

Ringing in November in Style

Dean asked me on Tuesday if I wanted to go see Classic Albums Live perform Queen’s A Night at the Opera on November 1st. At first I was skeptical because we’d gone to see It’s a Kinda Magic before and while it was good it was still not Queen and made me a little sad to be there.

I have to admit that I’m glad I said yes to this one despite my misgivings. The concert was amazing. The performers don’t try to copy the live experience of a band. They create their own concert experience while performing live versions of the songs on an album exactly as they are on the album. It was mind-blowingly amazing. I wish very much that they were doing a second show tomorrow because I’d go see it again in a heartbeat.

Here’s the set list:

  • Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…)
  • Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
  • I’m in Love with My Car
  • You’re My Best Friend
  • ’39
  • Sweet Lady
  • Seaside Rendezvous
  • The Prophet’s Song
  • Love of my Life
  • Good Company
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • God Save the Queen (Instrumental)


  • Tie Your Mother Down
  • Keep Yourself Alive
  • Get Down, Make Love
  • Killer Queen
  • Bicycle Race
  • Brighton Rock
  • Spread Your Wings
  • We Will Rock You
  • We Are the Champions
  • Under Pressure
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Somebody to Love

I’m pretty sure I have all the bonus songs listed here. The official set list only included the songs from A Night at the Opera, so the rest I’m trying to recall from memory. The order may be slightly off because of that. I was too gobsmacked to keep track exactly because I was enchanted waiting to see what their next song was going to be.

I’m sure it helped that A Night at the Opera is my favourite album and I listen to it all the time. That gave me a deeper appreciation for what it took for this group to be able to perform all the songs in that way. I never would have thought I’d hear The Prophet’s Song done justice in a live version, because covers either skip or drastically simplify the vocal harmony section which completely wrecks the song. There were four vocalists and they pulled that off wonderfully. It was a joy to experience. Similarly, the solos in Brighton Rock were perfectly done as well. I was both gleeful and fascinated watching the guitarists and drummer perform those.

I’ve also got a soft spot for News of the World so I was really glad that some of those songs were played as well. Spread Your Wings is always excellent live.

Everything was performed instead of using pre-recorded sound effects. Notable were the kazoos used in Seaside Rendezvous and the bicycle bells used in Bicycle Race. Everyone on stage looked to be having a blast playing those sections. Their enthusiasm was contagious. I’m hoping they come back next year and do it again because I will definitely be there if they do.

Surprise Lunch

Today I had the best lunch, completely by accident.

I’ve been doing this thing lately where I decide I want to eat something and pick up stuff at the store to make that thing, instead of eating the food that’s in the house or to supplement the food in the house.

I’m not doing that anymore, so today when I decided I wanted a tuna sandwich for lunch and there was no mayonnaise in the house (I have eggs and oil but didn’t want to make a whole batch for one sandwich) I checked out the fridge and subbbed in mustard instead. Then, because I like mustard and sauerkraut on sausages I decided to try some of that on there too. Beside the sauerkraut was a jar of hot peppers so I threw a ton of those on there while I was at it.

It was so good! The peppers and kraut were crunchy and refreshing and kept the tuna from being overpowering and mushy-feeling. And, well, mustard is just good.

Family Ties

I got to spend last week in Windsor and Harrow visiting my family.

Originally me and my sister were supposed to go dress shopping in Detroit with my grandma the first day there. We knew she was scared of Detroit but had no idea how much. She tried to talk us into staying in Windsor and when that failed refused to go with us. So we spent the day shopping, just the two of us. Shopping for us is mostly looking at stuff though. So after 5 hours in the US we had spent a total of $40 between us. Whoo! The border guard gave us a weird look when a Diet Dr. Pepper was the highlight of our purchases. Good times, good times.

We did manage to spend another $14 for dinner at Mexican Town. I’m disappointed I only found out about its existence last year. It’s the bestest best restaurant ever. I’m always saying it’s a good thing that I don’t live closer, or I’d be there all the time. I’m telling the truth; they can feed me every day. Did I mention they’ve got fresh tortillas and fresh-made salsa for free? I never thought in my life that I’d call salsa “refreshing” before eating there.

Most of the rest of the week I stayed at grandma’s house and hung out with her, which amounts to talking about stuff and watching movies on tv. My parents live up the street, so I popped in there most days if I knew someone was going to be home and/or awake. Tuesday night was a pizza party to celebrate my uncle’s April 1st birthday and my April 18th birthday, since we were both at grandma’s that night and it was our only opportunity to do so. It was a good dinner and I’m glad I got a chance to spend some time with my uncle while I was there.

Thursday was memorable because for the first time in at least a year I got to spend some one-on-one time with my brother. We talked for a good 3 or 4 hours and just kept each other company. I miss that, since we used to do that all of the time.

Friday I got to do the same thing but with my dad. He pointed out that when I lived at home he worked such long hours that it’s probably the longest amount of time we’ve ever spent together; I’m quite sure he’s right. Twice I rode along with him when he was working, but I’d usually last a few hours and fall asleep. So I’m glad we had that time to catch up.

My sister came up with a great idea for Saturday: a family dinner. At first she suggested going out, but my dad has pretty bad social anxiety so he wasn’t sure if he’d come. So we changed it to ordering some takeout and hanging out at her place. My mom didn’t want to come, but the rest of us had a great time talking and watching Storage Wars on tv. My dad and brother were cracking up at the stuff that Barry guy does.

All in all it was a good week, and one I’ll remember and cherish.

Got an ereader already

After doing all my research and deciding to get a Nook Simple Touch, I had assumed that it would be several months before getting one since I wanted to go to a store and handle one in person and that wouldn’t be happening until the next time I was in Detroit. But over the last week it’s become apparent that it would be better to get a device with more Canadian support.

Sarah let me play with her Kobo on the weekend and it was a very nice machine. So, today we went to Chapters and picked up a couple of Kobo Touch ereaders: one for me and Dean to share, and one for my mother-in-law. It’ll work out better if we both have the same one, since I can show her how to do things with mine and she can follow along with hers. Let me just say that I am thrilled that I don’t have to read books on my phone anymore!

I’ve spent the last few days combing the internet for all of the Portuguese romance novels I could find that I thought Mãe would like. Mostly Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel, since that’s what she usually gets from Portugal. We’ll have a chat about that since there’s got to be other authors she’d like.

Tomorrow is going to be really interesting, since I’m not sure what she’s going to think about the whole thing. Aside from the hurdle of learning to use a new piece of technology, going from a dozen or so books to choose from to over 200 might be a problem. But since I don’t know if she’s read books other than those in the house, I grabbed it all so she can pick and choose which ones to keep.

I am tired and it is glorious!

Thanks to no longer being on combination birth control pills, I’ve spent the last 3 weeks with unceasing insomnia because the lack of estrogen caused withdrawal symptoms. Yesterday I got tired around 11pm and even though I stayed up until 1am researching ultrabooks I slept for 6 straight hours and it was amazing. I was so productive today simply because I had the energy to get up and do things. I ran a lot of errands during the day and then spent the evening cleaning out and organizing the craft/computer/tv room.

The best part is I am tired again. Two days in a row! I am cherishing this feeling, since it’s been so scarce of late.

And now, to bed!

Books Read in 2012

Title Author Date Started Date Finished Format
Then We Came To The End Joshua Ferris January 16 January 28 ePub
A Game of Thrones George R. R. Martin January 24 June 12 Paperback/ePub
Catching Fire Suzanne Collins January 28 January 30 ePub
Mockingjay Suzanne Collins January 30 January 30 ePub
Matched Ally Condie February 8 February 23 Hardcover/ePub
Keeping the Moon Sarah Dessen February 9 February 12 ePub
Running the Books Avi Steinberg February 10 February 28 ePub
Crossed Ally Condie February 23 February 27 Hardcover/ePub
The Gentleman of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien February 28 In Progress Paperback/ePub
Ready Player One Ernest Cline February 29 March 6 ePub
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie Alan Bradley March 9 In Progress Audio/ePub
The Gift of Fear Gavin de Becker March 9 March 22 ePub
As I Wake Elizabeth Scott March 22 March 23 ePub
The Secret Lives of Hoarders Matt Paxton March 23 March 29 ePub
The Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin March 29 In Progress ePub
The Thief Megan Whalen Turner April 4 April 7 ePub
Black Heart Holly Black April 4 April 5 ePub
The Queen of Attolia Megan Whalen Turner April 7 April 9 ePub
The King of Attolia Megan Whalen Turner April 9 April 11 ePub
A Conspiracy of Kings Megan Whalen Turner April 11 April 13 ePub
Soulless Gail Carriger April 13 April 16 ePub
Changeless Gail Carriger April 16 April 18 ePub
Blameless Gail Carriger April 18 April 19 ePub
Heartless Gail Carriger April 19 April 20 ePub
Timeless Gail Carriger April 20 April 23 ePub
A Clash of Kings George R. R. Martin June 12 June 24 ePub
A Storm of Swords George R. R. Martin June 24 June 30 ePub
A Feast for Crows George R. R. Martin June 30 July 9 ePub
A Dance with Dragons George R. R. Martin July 9 August 13 ePub
Reached Ally Condie December 13 December 15 Hardcover

I finally caved

My friends are always saying they’re amazed I don’t buy up every new piece of tech at the first opportunity. I try to explain: there’s no point buying it if I’m not going to use it enough to justify the cost. It’s enough for me to know what it is and how it works. I’ve been refusing a smartphone for years on those grounds, and yet I ended up with one anyway.

In December me and Dean (mostly Dean) were researching BlackBerry phones and plans since his sister wanted to pay less for the phones her family had and maybe get new ones. It turned out there were some really nice deals around for Christmas, so we started debating the possibility of getting one for ourselves. Really, it came down to how much we’d use BBM, since that was the only thing that our friends used that our old phones couldn’t do.

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This is why I hate rain

Especially when it’s windy.

In the 15 minutes I was outside waiting for the bus, my pants, socks, and shoes got completely drenched. The rest of me wasn’t much drier, but was slightly protected thanks to my umbrella.

The entire time I was thinking if genies existed, I’d wish for dry clothes, some Wellington boots, and a proper raincoat.