Surprise Lunch

Today I had the best lunch, completely by accident.

I’ve been doing this thing lately where I decide I want to eat something and pick up stuff at the store to make that thing, instead of eating the food that’s in the house or to supplement the food in the house.

I’m not doing that anymore, so today when I decided I wanted a tuna sandwich for lunch and there was no mayonnaise in the house (I have eggs and oil but didn’t want to make a whole batch for one sandwich) I checked out the fridge and subbbed in mustard instead. Then, because I like mustard and sauerkraut on sausages I decided to try some of that on there too. Beside the sauerkraut was a jar of hot peppers so I threw a ton of those on there while I was at it.

It was so good! The peppers and kraut were crunchy and refreshing and kept the tuna from being overpowering and mushy-feeling. And, well, mustard is just good.