Functional Products

It’s been a while since I made something just for its functional purpose, rather than because I was trying a new technique or look. So I got bored and made some dishcloths. The first few were just average square ones, in that weird tan colour since my mom had it hanging around in her stash. The round ones I made when I got to the point where I did want to try something new.

I’ve been fascinated by that black-flecked white cotton for a while now, and finally caved and made a dishcloth out of that too. Since I made the first ones in February I recently (roughly a couple weeks ago, this post is after-the-fact) decided to see if I could make another from memory. It turned out quite nice I think.

I left a few of the tan ones in the kitchen. The flatmates pretty much ignored them, though one of them did (seemingly accidentally) get tossed in the trash. The other one has yet to be used. I am saving it as a housewarming gift for the new flatmates when I move at the end of the week. It can then be broken in properly.

I still have some more of the cotton hanging around, so I think I may make another one. I like the way that turned out and it would be nice to have a couple to rotate while the others are being laundered.

Scarlet Fever!

I’ve finally finished Dean’s red socks. All in all, I think they turned out rather well, though I must admit I am eager to try making some socks using intarsia or something to vamp them up a little.

These socks were quite fun to make. I used a short-row toe for a change on these ones, since they seem to wear better and be more comfortable. I was hesitant to try a short-row heel though, since I’m not sure how well fingering-weight yarn would wear if I do it that way. That experiment shall be done on socks that aren’t a gift for someone else.

Also, I finished the second pair of cotton socks for my mother. It felt really strange to go from fingering-weight yarn to worsted, but the socks turned out really well. I’m going to mail them out as soon as the holiday is over, so my mom can give the lavender pair a break for a change.

Pictures shall come later tonight once I find the camera.

Peacock Tapestry/Embroidery

I’m finally getting some real progress done on my cross-stitch. In the last couple days I’ve done most of the burgundy in the border, and when I get that done will be back to working on the main part. I’m not sure where I’m going to start with that, but I’m going to do one area at a time instead of doing one entire colour all over the piece. Doing that takes too long and makes it more likely I’ll make mistakes.

My next plan is to embroider the leaf motif of my sheets onto my duvet cover, possibly onto the blue pillowcases too, since that would tie everything together quite nicely and be a small project which won’t take too much time.

I’ve knitted the back pocket for the iPod cozy, but I have yet to attempt putting it all together. That should be done soon too, with pictures.

The Wonderful iPod Cozy

I caved in to the current fad and knitted Dean an iPod cozy. It took a bit of searching, but I finally found a red button that was the perfect size to close it.

It’s a work-in-progress. I’m probably going to knit a small pouch on the back for the ear buds. Since I didn’t think ahead enough to remember to slip a stitch on the top for them to be plugged in while it’s in the case, I guess that a pouch on the back will have to do.

This was my first time making something off the top of my head. I even took apart an old shirt that was hanging around to get some burgundy cloth to line it with. That was interesting in itself. Sewing cloth to knitted fabric is fun. I just hope that it holds.

Has anyone else tried making one of these yet?

My First Pair of Socks

Wow. I am both proud and saddened by these socks. They function as socks, which is great. But there are ladders and slipped stitches and other mistakes all over them. I even somehow misaligned the gusset. Thank god it didn’t hurt anything.

All in all, they are great, for the simple fact that they are warm, beautifully tacky, and they got me hooked onto the wonderful world of sockknitting.

I find it pretty amusing that the first time I saw yarn specifically for socks (in December) I bought tons of it and just jumped right in. My mom taught me to knit when I was little…I’m not even sure how old I was, so I was probably under five years old. She’s not all that capable of reading a pattern, or just doing something out of the blue like that, so I really was on my own. But it looks like they turned out fine.

I mean, I used dpns, they were smaller than any other knitting needles I had yet used, and that was a lot of knitting to do in a week. At least, the first sock took a week, the second took me a couple of sporadic knitting around classes and such.

I’ve done another pair since these, but my mom has magicked them away and so I have no pictures to show you. But the good news was I did those with a generic formula. I can make socks with any size needles and any yarn now, as long as I like the gauge. Pretty cool.

I’m off to finish the heel on my third pair.

A New Obsession

I have found something new to occupy my every spare thought: SOCKS!

I never really cared for knitting until I went home for a week and pretty much had nothing else to do. Then while wandering around with my mom on one of her frequent shopping trips, I discovered bright red sock yarn complete with pattern.

The obsession began.

Hurt and Lonely

I am really hurting right now. Really. I’ve even been taking aspirin the last couple of days. For the record, I am not wishing an earache on anyone, ever. Let alone two at the same time. I usually have a high pain tolerance and can ignore such things to go about my life. Not so with this. My ears have a constant dull pain, punctuated by sharp bursts of it whenever it seems I let my guard down. When it gets really bad, like right now, I can’t help but cry, it hurts too much. I have been able to feel my pulse throbbing in my head for the last couple days. Sometimes, I can only vaguely hear things, and my ears feel really full.

Too many things rely on healthy ears. My jaw is killing me. It hurts to eat, though drinking things is alright. I am starting to wish that I had some of that fun hospital food you can eat through a straw.

I went to Health Services for the second time this week. They put some oil stuff in there and let it sit for a while, then syringed out as much wax and whatever else is in there as they could. That was a very strange experience. It hurt, quite a bit, but was good at the same time since that pain was caused by something to help. Plus it let up on the pressure for a bit. The problem is, the pain is back and I am not sure how much of it is from being sick, and how much is from them trying to fix it.

I get to return first thing Monday morning before class so that they can do it again. I will admit, I am scared that the pain will get worse over the weekend, and that Monday will hurt like hell. I don’t like being afraid of something like that. Especially because I know that the fear of it may make things worse than they really are.

I can’t sleep. I haven’t been able to really sleep since Wednesday. I keep waking up crying from the severity of the pain. Today I grabbed an hour in the afternoon, and I’m hoping to get some sleep tonight, but I don’t know how sure I can be of getting any for the next while. I don’t know how I am going to handle classes if this doesn’t let up. I can’t concentrate enough to read anything new.

I tried knitting for a while, but even that is not possible for long because I can’t keep track of what row or what stitch I am on. The only thing I have been able to do is read my library book, mostly because I have read it twice before and its more of a comfort thing than anyting. I know what happens, so I don’t have to think, I can just concentrate on the words and for a while feel a bit normal.

I’m not sure if watching TV is a help or a hindrance. Mainly because I haven’t figured out to which extent sound effects anything. I don’t think it does too much, but it’s been really quiet here all day, and my class this morning was almost empty. I left Mulan on while I tried to sleep this afternoon, because at least having some other sound around can give me something to focus on besides the pulse in my head.

I miss Dean, and wish he was here, but that is a comfort only. It’s better that he is at home right now, because I know all my tossing and random tears would prevent him getting any sleep or getting anything done while awake. There is nothing for me to do but wait to heal and hope that it doesn’t take too long.

Sometimes I feel like a walking pharmacy. Adding the three aspirin a day to the rest of it I am up to 10 pills, and I can’t even tell whether anything is working. I know the antibiotics are at work on my Strep Throat. That I can barely feel. I know it is still sore, but that is easily ignored in the face of the other pains.

Edit: Some Googling has returned the wonderful information that having Strep Throat is what caused this in the first place. Wonderful. Nice to know. What’s even more interesting is that, as an adult, I am not supposed to be able to get an ear infection in such a way. Damn. Turns out I have a lot of the requirements that make children get them all the time though: family history of ear infections, native heritage that can indicate the tube at the back of my eardrum is shaped in such a way to prevent proper drainage, frequent second-hand smoke. Oh joy.

Self-Conflicting Affliction

I realised something just now. I’ve never said anything good about myself. I’ll say things about things I’ve done, or that other people have said about me. But I have never said anything complimentary about my self.
I understand why, partly. I don’t value my opinion. I guess that must be great for those people that do value my opinion. What does that say if I don’t think it’s worth anything for myself?
To be clear though, I think some of my opinions are valid, just not the ones having to do with me. Growing up, I never thought I was worth anything. Most of the time it was a challenge to just get up in the morning. There were a few people that made me think otherwise, or I wouldn’t still be here.
I’m just starting to realise how much I can be, how important I am to some in certain respects. I guess I am learning to value myself as a person, an individual. Learning that it is important to be myself and cherish the things that make me unique, whatever they happen to be.


I have no idea what brought this thought into my head, but as I was falling asleep yesterday I realized something. I am afraid of death. Not afraid, exactly, but I have a healthy respect for it now.

A much more important revelation sprung from that one. It’s not that I’m worried about how or what comes after, the reason is that I now have motivation for living. I want to stay on this earth as long as I possibly can.


Lately I can’t think of anything to write. Just, nothing. I go, hmm, I want to write something. And my mind is blank. There’s just nothing to be said for now I guess.