May 24

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This weekend has to be one of the first that I’ve really enjoyed in London. Funny, since I wasn’t even in town for half of it. Saturday me and Dean walked from my place to downtown, and spent some time in Victoria park watching the squirrels dig up the nuts they planted last year.


Don't Worry, Be Happy

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While waiting for the bus last week I saw a Mack truck go by with Big Mouth Billy Bass attached to the grille. It’s too bad the batteries were dead. Can’t you just picture the thing going off every time it detects oncoming traffic?

Look Ma!

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Today me and Dean went for a 3-hour walk up through school, around on Richmond, and all the way back again. It was nice, but it really made me wish my orthotics would come in so I wouldn’t end up limping by the time we got home. I feel old.

I was proud that I went over multiple bridges without freaking out and freezing up. The last time we walked in those particular places was a couple of summers ago when we stayed at Western for a weekend so I could get my bearings. Those things freaked me out pretty good the first time. I still have trouble with the one on Oxford though, since I walked back from downtown once last term and had to stare at my feet and force myself to keep moving.

This time around we didn’t see any furniture in the river, but we did see a construction sign sitting there for all the world like it belonged. See?
construction small

We also saw a helicopter coming in for a landing on the pad in front of University Hospital. If we’d have walked slower we might still have been on the other side of the river and got a close-up.
helicopter small

Today was a good day. We need more nice days like this so I can wander around more.