I’ve been going through my unfinished objects bag and trying to finish up some things. It’s amazing what ends up in there:

  1. I have a pair of mittens that is all but finished, merely needing a thumb on one and the cuff on the other. They’ve been in there for almost a year despite this.
  2. I started a snowman a couple of years ago to put out around Christmas-time, then lost the pattern for a year. After I found the pattern I did maybe two rows and that one’s been sitting in there for almost a year as well.
  3. There are a couple of vests that I was doing to build up a work wardrobe. There’s no real reason I stopped working on them, I just did. There’s also a hoodie that I stopped working on because I needed a new ball of yarn. I have all of the yarn for it, and I know exactly where it is. I think that one’s been in there so long because I stole the needles from it to make a hat.
  4. There’s a pile of socks in there that need darning. They were made before I learned the importance of knitting tight soles, so I’m contemplating cutting them up to use as stuffing anyway, since the entire ball of the foot and heel are worn.
  5. There was a pair of cabled socks in there, but I started those 3 years ago and can’t get gauge so they’ve been frogged to start again.

I’m kind of pleased that there aren’t that many things in that bag. I thought there would be more. Still, I’d better hurry and finish the mittens at least, before the cold weather sneaks up on us and I’m freezing.