MacBook Nerd…Me

While playing with Google to see what people thought about the new MacBook Pros I stumbled across JErm’s blog and the funniest quote I’ve read in a while:

Now my iBook seems like an old fussy girlfriend who doesn’t do anything cuz she’s fat and lazy. I don’t need this temptation.

A really nerdy thing for me to be amused about, I know. Want something even more nerdy?

There’s a t-shirt that Bert wears a lot that I think it hilarious. It says:

“God is Dead” – Nietzsche, 1882
“Nietzsche is Dead” – God, 1900

It certainly makes the point. Not to mention it brings up lots of fun metaphysical questions.

Comment with other nerdy pearls of wisdom. It might be fun.

Boring Health Stuff Mostly

It’s been an interesting week. I missed specialist appointment on Monday though I’m not really bothered by it. I’ve managed to get an ear infection again but it doesn’t hurt this time and it seems to only be one ear so it’s alright too. I had to see the on-call doctor at Health Services about it on Friday to be sure. Much better than last year. I was only with the doctor for maybe a minute. One look and she knew it was infected and gave me a prescription. Now the only problem will be if the eardrops don’t work. I can’t really say how many times I’ve gotten them before, since I know I had a lot of infections as a child. If they don’t, it will probably mean another harsher kind of antibotics. My purse positively rattles now. It’s sorta disturbing. There’s something like five presciptions in there, and three other things that I need to take over-the-counter.

My pill-timer died on me in class. That was fun. It made this really loud disturbing beep and reset to defaults. I tried recharging the batteries and giving it another go, but it did it again the next day so I tossed it. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that. Most likely use the alarm on my cell phone now that I have one. Hopefully it inherits the vibrate settings of whatever mode it’s on. The last thing I need is my Zelda ringtone blaring out in class. I doubt many people would be impressed. I could also get a new watch, but I really like plain analog watches and would rather not. I’m up for suggestions from people.

My carpal tunnel seems to be under control for now. It mostly involves many breaks and not overly using my hands if I don’t need to. It gets difficult, especially latey. I’m trying really hard to finish my quilt square on time but I just can’t cross-stitch as much or as fast as I would like to. It’s a good three names behind now and I’m going to have to catch that up sometime. I’m making damn good progress on the socks in class (and at FR!NGE yesterday) since I’m stressing about all my essays and presentations (6 and 2 remaining, respectively) that need to be done before the end of the month. It’s a lot to do and there just doesn’t seem to be the time.

I’m longing for the summer. From then on I’ll only have three classes per term until I’m done, and will have much more time to myself. School is suffocating me at this point and I just need a break. Of course, give it six or seven months and I’ll probably be bitching extensively about grad school applications. There’s always something to unload on the blogosphere. 😉