FML. I still don’t have a fucking MRI appointment because the request didn’t go through for some fucking reason. The hospital didn’t get the fucking referral despite their computer sending me and my doctor confirmation emails that they did.

When I called because it’s been a fucking week and no appointment, they said they can’t take the request over the phone. The doctor has to send another fucking request through the stupid automated system that didn’t fucking work.

I’m scared and in fucking pain for another full week for no fucking reason because of some computer glitch or something that nobody thought to fucking follow up on. This is complete fucking bullshit. It’s bullshit.

I wasn’t even supposed to call. The email confirmation specifically said not to fucking call. But if I hadn’t ignored it and called anyway who knows how long it would have taken for them to figure this shit out.

For context, I fell on some ice two years ago and screwed up my back bad. I’ve been in physio for two years when they didn’t expect it to take this long. Now all of a sudden there’s weird nerve shit happening that wasn’t happening before and whatever is going on is scary enough that physio, massage and chiro all won’t see me without an MRI because they don’t want to paralyze me.

I got told that if it does what it’s doing more severely or in some specific different ways, that is an EMERGENCY which requires a trip to the ER and rush surgery or I could have permanent nerve damage and/or paralysis.

So for two goddamn weeks I’m barely moving and super paranoid whenever I do have to pick something up or twist at all or lean because I don’t want to trigger something or pinch something and and up fucked for life.

The first week was a waste because the doctor didn’t think they’d be able to get an MRI so they asked for a CT scan. And the radiologist at the hospital rejected that request, sent it back to them, and told them to request an MRI. So, at the start of week 2 I get a call to run through the MRI questionnaire so they can submit that request. They do, on Monday night. We all get confirmation. I was told it usually takes 2-3 business days to get a call with an appointment. So I was thinking Thursday or Friday I’d get a call.

No call. Since the request supposedly went through at 10pm I was thinking I’d give them an extra day. No call yesterday either. So this morning I’m fucking pissed off because it’s been another whole week and still no appointment. Now we know why.

Tomorrow I’m calling there again to make sure that they actually have the request. Fuck the rules. They don’t have to give me an appointment right then but they better damn well have the request in the fucking system this time.