Lots of things came in the mail today. 16 balls of yarn from KnitPicks and most of my books from Chapters and mail from Dean. I want to make lots of socks now. Well, I wanted to do that before, but now I’ve got a room full of yarn (exaggeration) staring me in the face to do that with.

Sra’s socks are on hold a bit because the sizing seemed really off, but now that I’ve got more yarn I may try something different with them and make them super-awesome. There’s a socknitting (it’s a word now, really) book at the library for me which I may go get today for some ideas.

I returned my Addis because after trying it I really hate making two socks at once and there’s no other reason for my having 40″ 2.0 and 2.5mm needles. Though I’m going to be buying them again, just in a shorter length.

I started a pair of socks for myself from the yarn I bought from Grand River Yarns. It’s not as soft as commercial sock yarn, but it’s knitting up fast and making some really great socks. I’m not sure if most people would like them, but I kinda like the slight rough feel that this yarn has. I even started up an email conversation with the owner thanking her for this yarn and chatting about our cats and stuff. She’s great and I’m definitely ordering from her again.

I’m considering trying identical socks with the self-patterning yarn rather than making fraternal ones. People swear that it only takes an extra five minutes to keep track and get them to match properly. It’s worth a shot, at least. I don’t care for my socks, but if I’m going to be gifting them out to people they make like to have socks that are the same.