I'm a bad, bad, girl.

I finally got my credit card in the mail yesterday. Rather than even pretending restraint, after activation I promptly purchased the 40″ 2.0mm Addi Turbo circular needle that I’ve been coveting. And then, because I felt bad buying only one thing (even if it cost $15) I bought some really bright green sock yarn that was on sale for half price. It could have been worse though. There were a couple more colours I considered getting, but I managed to stop the insanity after the pretty green yarn.

3 thoughts on “I'm a bad, bad, girl.

  1. Scared? teehee

    It’s so much cheaper than buying things at Cloth & Clay though. I got the really expensive needle *and* enough yarn for a pair of socks for $28 including shipping. I am one darn happy camper.

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