Damn Computer

I finally found a copy of Beyond Good and Evil. The only problem is it’s a PC version. It’s supposed to be able to play on my computer, but the driver I need messes up my screen resolutions and crashes the program. It won’t run. Very frustrating. In the last week I’ve reinstalled both Windows XP and Ubuntu twice on this machine because of the screw-ups trying to play this game. I wish I could find it for PS2 or GameCube, but for as great a game it is there’s not many copies around.

Since reinstalling I’ve been having problems with the integrated XP SP2 networking. It constantly says “acquiring network address” even though I have an IP and am obviously connected to the router. It’s not just a wireless problem, because it did the same thing when I plugged in with my LAN connection. But it’s not the router because everyone else’s computers are fine. There’s a fix for this from microsoft.com, which I installed, but that didn’t change anything. I am at a loss for what to do.

I still need to find out why Linux won’t give me all my possible screen resolutions. Apparently that’s another problem that comes with my video card. Crappy Intel integrated crap that needs weird drivers and messes with things!

Edit: My computer is now dead. Wonderful.

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  1. I think it was in the EB games in Cambridge Centre, though I’m not sure on that since I tend to go in any game store I can to look for the odd game that I want.

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