Summer Bussing

Busses make me sick. I mean that literally. Especially the ones with annoying impatient drivers in Waterloo who wait until the last minute to stop and then slam on the brakes as fast as they possibly can. Sheesh. It’s hot, there’s not a lot of air in the packed busses. The last thing we need is driving like that to upset people’s stomachs more. I’m not the only one that thought so. I heard some others complaining and had the person next to me ask if they’d been driving like that the entire time. Yes, they had been.

The driver of the Ainslie Street bus was grumpy and didn’t want to renew my transfer, though he did it anyway. What is with the drivers lately? It can’t just be the weather. I ride the bus more in the summer than any other time and it’s usually pretty nice. They have a/c and usually are pretty cool unless there’s too many people in them. It can’t just be that.

This time I didn’t have any creepy people gravitating towards me, which was nice. One person smiled at me and another said hello, but just in passing and nothing weird. I guess it’s either weird passengers or strange drivers for me. I can’t seem to have an uneventful time of it.

I bought a bunch of bus tickets on a “duh” moment today, since I got 15 and there’s no way I’d end up using more than 5 all summer. By Septermber I’ll have a bus pass so what the hell was I thinking?! Ah well. There’s a person that is willing to buy the extras off me, which is nice. I’d hate for them to go to waste just because of my absentmindedness.