25 Random Things

Lots of people keep asking me to do this meme, so I’ll do it. But I refuse to tag other people since I find it annoying when people do that to me.

  1. I dislike these kinds of things but I do them anyway.
  2. I think board games are more fun than video games, though I play a fair amount of both.
  3. In the winter I tend to stay at home unless I absolutely have to go somewhere. Cold is not my friend.
  4. When people call I get anxious about answering the phone. *Anyone* could be on the other side.
  5. I worry that I’ll always feel inferior because I grew up without money.
  6. I’m always super-nice when the Jehovah’s Witnesses come over because I’ve been in their shoes and I feel sorry for them.
  7. I miss school because being in a place with so much knowledge and so many people trying to learn is exciting.
  8. I dreaded my hair because I’m tired of trying to be like ‘everyone else’, and letting my hair do it’s own thing is my way of expressing that. Plus, no more having to deal with how painful brushing it is.
  9. Any kind of chemical scent or detergent gives me a rash, so I gave up using anything with them in it.
  10. I haven’t used shampoo in almost 2 years and my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been.
  11. I am jealous of people who have had easy lives because they don’t know what it’s like to deal with hardship. But I would not give up my experiences because I also think people who’ve had to deal with difficult things are stronger for it.
  12. I think it’s really cute when the cat snores.
  13. I wonder what I have missed in all the times I’ve been distracted by my ADD, and I hope it’s not important things.
  14. I worry about lots of things unnecessarily.
  15. My social skills are lacking because as a child people weren’t allowed to visit my house and I wasn’t allowed to visit theirs except rarely.
  16. I want to learn Japanese just for the sake of learning a language that is completely different from English.
  17. I get bored if I’m not learning something new.
  18. My main criteria for buying a house has nothing to do with the house. I want a mature tree in the yard.
  19. I don’t like looking like my mother because I think that people will assume that I am like her.
  20. I leave my eyebrows as they are because they are the same as my grandfather’s and it’s a constant reminder of how important he was to me.
  21. I miss the country because I could go for walks alone at night without having to worry about creeps.
  22. I prefer vegetables to candy (even chocolate, much to Dean’s disgust :p)
  23. I have vast reserves of patience, except for when dealing with people.
  24. Very few people truly know me, since I rarely let anyone get close enough to try.
  25. I switched my computer to Dvorak so I could get more things done before my cubital tunnel kicks in.