I’ve been playing quite a lot of DDR lately. It’s a difficult and addictive game, for all it looks silly. Kitty keeps getting mad at me for playing it and ignoring him. He decided to get my attention today by laying down right in the middle of the dance pad, which didn’t go over too well since I didn’t see him at first and he got his tail squished a few times. He’s a very silly cat. He went and tattled on me to Dean after that.

I keep getting sleepy pretty early (by that I mean 9ish) and refusing to sleep until around 11-12. I don’t tend to sleep past 9:30 in the mornings, so I suppose I really should go to bed earlier if I am tired, since the majority of the time I am up around 8 and can’t get back to sleep. It seems like such an old-lady thing to do, going to bed at 9pm. Which is why I don’t. Come to think of it, when I was on a schedule where I went to sleep that early, I was out and about all perky and whatnot at 6am! I much prefer sleeping through those hours, even though it is kinda nice when people aren’t around and it’s still all nice and cool from the night. Okay, there’s obviously too much indecision over something as silly as sleep time. Enough of that.

I’m trying to figure out how to make a theme for this thing, rather than just trying to find ones that others have made that I actually like. Most of them that have an interesting design usually have appalling colour-schemes or code that doesn’t quite work. I found a theme with colours that aren’t too bad which could probably be modified [rather than having me start from scratch] but I’d have to go through and find the mistakes that are making it break up and look like crap in Firefox. Really, if it’s only made for IE it’s something I surely don’t need.

I’m really happy with the way this whole having-my-own-site idea is panning out. It seems to be working nicely, and is complicated enough that I can be happy tweaking it and making things work. On that note, there are now archives! Apparently I’d set up the permalinks and site URL in such a way that I managed to crash the archives and posts. I’m not sure if the comments and stuff are working, and I’d like to learn to set those up as pop-ups (if they aren’t already) but that will have to wait. I’m more interested in getting an overall theme at this point. It shall be fun.