Home Sweet Home

I had a pretty laid-back week off. The first weekend I went to Cambridge. On Friday I finished my homework while Dean was at work, and tried to keep Sierra somewhat amused since she was sick but not sick enough to let me be until I was done. Saturday we went wandering off to find the Region of Waterloo’s library headquarters in Philipsburg, since there was a library job posted and it would be a good place for me to work when I’m done here.

It’s too small a place to be on Google maps. It’s more of a village than a town, I think, if that. Unless there’s a pocket of people hidden somewhere. We saw one intersection, with a few houses and a corner store. Except for a gated community next to a country club there was nothing else around. We drove around in there since the guard shack was empty. All of the houses were really nice looking, with nice looking yards. To the point where it was a little creepy. You can tell they have to keep things that way. It doesn’t look as if originality is permitted at all in the way you outwardly present your house. It made me want to see some of the crazy things those people must have done to the interior to liven things up some.

Later that night we had dinner with friends (and quite a few people I didn’t know, since 20 people showed up) at Boston Pizza. I still don’t like their menu very much. There are only 4 things I would want to eat there and as most people can attest, I am not a picky eater. It’s just that most of their offerings are pizza and pasta that I can make homemade, so I have no inclination to pay dinner prices for it. Besides that, it was a lot of fun. I’m still surprised that so many people were there, but I was really impressed at how the staff handled that. They were very accommodating and the service was great.

After dinner most of us went to Dooly’s to play pool. I’d never played before, since the first time we went a couple of years ago I wasn’t feeling well. Needless to say, I sucked pretty bad. At least I kept all the balls on the table and didn’t scratch it or anything like that.

I don’t remember what we did on Sunday. Stayed at home I think. Unless I’m mixing things up and we went to Philipsburg on Sunday and not Saturday. Meh. I do remember that I had a yummy cheese sandwich and bean soup with giant noodles in it. That was a really good lunch. I really love the Flores cheese. I need to remember to ask Dean’s parents if they have room to bring back more cheese this year so I can have some of my own. Or maybe to have a couple sections of it. Actually, by the time they are back chances are I’ll be living at their house again so it won’t matter.

The next four days I was back in London. My apartment looked like a craft store exploded, since I didn’t have homework and went a little crazy trying to do a little bit of everything. Wednesday I spent a good 4 hours cleaning it all up so the place wouldn’t be messy when I got back from my parent’s house. I hate when things are out of order. I can’t get homework done when it’s like that.

Thursday I spent running errands and in physio for my other foot. I think it’s fine now, but I’m supposed to call if it starts acting up again. I got to Harrow around 10pm I think. I wasn’t entirely paying attention to the time. Friday I was supposed to go to the highschool in the morning to visit people, and then go to a Lenten luncheon thing my grandma was helping out with. But Jo decided she was going to stay at home and sleep instead. I could have gotten Gramma to pick me up on her way into town, but I assumed if everyone was sleeping I could catch up on sleep. Stupid idea. Everyone was loud, and I woke up the first time around 4am. The noise didn’t stop until 6ish, and by then mom was home and wanted to talk. Ugh. I ended up not even attempting to fall back to sleep.

I was tired and bored and I brought a weaving book with me, so I learned how to make a mini loom with a highlighter and some string and made a belt. Mom brought me to town with her around noon because Pete had to go to volunteering, and we went to The Meadows for lunch. Later in the day me and Pete went over to Gramma’s house and had pizza for dinner. We played Blokus a bunch of times, which was a lot of fun. I brought the two-player version as a present. I really hope Gramma and Emile like it.

Saturday morning I didn’t do much of anything. I got to sleep until 9am, but I was still really tired. I called uncle Ernie to see if he wanted to do anything since I hadn’t seen him since the reunion on Boxing Day. Mom wanted to go to the giant Wal-Mart in Amherstburg, so we agreed to meet there. We didn’t plan out how we would find each other, but we did. The decision was for me, Ernie, and his wife Ann to go to SilverCity in Windsor for a movie. I picked The Spiderwick Chronicles because I wanted to see that and it didn’t seem as if anyone else wanted to go with me.

I hadn’t had lunch yet, so I had nachos and mooched some of Ernie’s popcorn. I always forget how huge movie food is, since I’ve only had it a handful of times. After that we went to Tim Horton’s for coffee and then back home. All in all, I had a great time. That’s the one thing I miss about Ernie moving, is that I can’t just walk over there anymore. But I really like Ann and I’m glad they found each other.

Mom wanted me home before 8pm because she was making dinner. She bought a 20lb turkey! It was really good, but I hope everyone doesn’t get sick of soup and sandwiches before it’s gone. Though knowing them it might be gone already. We like turkey a lot.

I stayed up really late that night talking with Dad. Around midnight we went to Amherstburg on a Timmie run, and were up until 4am or so. I do that more than he does, but for someone that is used to getting up at that time, it must have been hard. Still, I was glad that we got to spend the time together. That doesn’t happen very often.

The only problem the whole weekend was that when I woke up 5 hours later I had food poisoning. Icky. So did Dad and Pete. That was really not fun. I spent the whole day an the couch trying not to puke or move at all. The weird thing was it had to have been the 12am coffee. It was the only thing the three of us had that nobody else did. I’m thinking the cream was probably on the way out or something. It’s taken until today for me to feel like I can eat real food again.

One thing I did realize is I almost want a car as much as Pete does. Then I can visit when I want. Soon enough I guess.