Here It Goes Again

School has started up again and I’m really enjoying all my courses this term. They all integrate very well with each other and where I think I want to be going at this point so it’s so much easier to take them seriously compared to the required courses. One thing I’m eagerly anticipating is the release of Office 2008 so that I can finally open all these files that people with Office 2007 send me without having to go to school to do it. I hate going to school for things like that. In truth, I will go to to great lengths to avoid campus most of the time since it makes it more bearable that way.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful place. That’s part of the problem actually. The more time I spend at school the more stressed I get and the more I associate school with said stress and can’t enjoy it. Plus the NCB is ugly. It’s winter and I can’t fully appreciate the trees since I spend so little time outside.

I’ve got some socks that I finished to post later when I find the cable to the camera, and maybe another pair if I can finish Mis’ socks in a reasonable amount of time. I’m halfway through the first one but I broke a needle and might need to get creative to be able to finish these on the ones I’ve got.

Time for sleepz!