More Yarn!

Filed under: Crafts — Tags: , , , — by heavenlyevil @ 11:17 pm on February 26, 2007

Though it took a day later than I thought, I have pictures for you.

This one’s more accurate to the colour, though I used the magic of Photoshop to try and fix the other as well.

These skeins are the same size as the first batch. I have yet to measure and find out the yardage or weight of them though.

2 Responses to “More Yarn!”

  1. dean dean says:

    you know the Canon camera is at the end of the bed if you wanted better colours, oh well, hope you used the fancy light for the pictures.

  2. Lex Laramire says:

    YOu and yarn woman…. I think it’s offically getting alittle scary……