Everyone's a junkie…even knitters

I finished knitting Monkey on Sunday and I have to say these are my new favourite socks. They are so comfortable and warm it’s great.

(click for insanely-large detail pic)

I’m a little obsessed with this pattern now since it looks so complicated but is very easy to do and remember. Though I will admit at first my sizing was a little off and I had to go up a needle size for the cuff. Plus as I was going I kept getting distracted and had to frog a few rows here and there since I lost track of my place.

Still, I love this pattern and see it becoming like Pomatomus and the Jaywalker sock patterns in the sense that every knitter in the blogosphere will have done it at some point.

Such patterns really are an addiction.

One thought on “Everyone's a junkie…even knitters

  1. Wow Kathy… Did you really think that my knitting was good? It was full of holes… Not special. 🙂 and if this doesn’t show up as a heart, ignore it! ^_^ ♥

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