"That's too much, Bob!"

My first two exams are on Saturday, and as usual I’d rather be procrastinating than studying. Surprisingly I did study today for a good three-four hours on campus. The couches in the Concourse started putting my ass to sleep though so I gave up. The good news is I set everything up so I can easily finish my notes for the religion course tomorrow, then have Thursday and Friday to prepare the answers to the essay questions on the philosophy exam.

Then I have all of next week to re-learn basic accounting. For something that I loved, it’s not really all that appealing anymore. I’ve changed.

Considering I am so bloody sick of school right now, I’m surprised that I haven’t quite given up on it. It’s close though. I don’t feel into it anymore. I kinda wish that I could risk applying for September for grad school, so that for once I can have a summer to myself without having to worry about school. I should feel better after having a month off. It’s just been non-stop school for the last 10 months and it’s getting to be too much.

What do people do to de-stress and get school out of their system?

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  1. A little bit last week, but not this week since I was at the library when it was on. Why do you want me to tape it? I can, I’ll just need to get some tapes and hope the VCR can still record.

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